Reading for this week:

Licensed to Stereotype

Reel Geopolitics 193-205

Screening Geopolitics 266-289

James Bond in the 21st Century – pp. 3-11

James Bond and America in the Sixties – Log in with UVA to read pp. 25-33

In addition, please watch From Russia, With Love, which can be found at the site below:

Viewing Instructions:

Open the link in a new tab and a box will appear with three options listed under each other, “Watch Now”, “Download”, or a small narrow box that says “Close Ad and Watch as Free User”.

Click on “Close Ad and Watch as Free User”.

A pop up spam window will appear, exit out of it.

The box with the options should now say “Start Video Now”.

Click on that, exit out of the second new pop up window, and the video should be playable/probably automatically started.

Review Questions:

1. What were some major similarities between the portrayal of espionage in the James Bond Films and espionage in real life? What were the most prominent discrepancies?

2. Why was James Bond altered from the original book series by Ian Flemming? How was it altered?

3. How did Bond films reflect the public sentiments of the time? Do you think the Bond films exacerbated the anxieties of the time?

4. How did the Bond films influence and portray pop culture of the time? Consider clothing and music included in the films.

Additional Reading

John Lewis Gaddis, The Cold War- The deals, the lies, the spies, the truth. Penguin Books Limited

Ian Fleming novels


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