Lecture Outline

About James Bond: Background History

James Bond in Cold War context

– Touching on preexisting fears?

Lecture focus on Bond movies in relation to:


  • How realistic is the portrayal of espionage in the movies?
  • What role did espionage really play during the Cold War?
  • Are there case studies of some now known spies?

Political Relations

  • Are the shifting political relationships between countries during the Cold War reflected in the movies?
  • How so? Through stereotypes?


  • What role does it play?
  • Which gadgets are there and how realistic are they?

Gender Roles

  • Do they change as more movies are made?
  • How can the sexual references and scantily clad women be reconciled with the conservative 1950s and 1960s?
  • Do women have an active role in the films or are they just pretty faces?

Popular Culture

  • How were the films viewed when they first came out?
  • How do we see them today?

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